People Search Detective Agency

A People search detective agency is a private investigative company that provides services to companies and individuals. These companies specialize in a variety of areas, including background checks and surveillance. These companies also provide security guards and escort services.


When choosing a People search detective agency, look for one that has an official website. This will help you determine whether the investigator has a real office or runs his business out of his basement or spare room.

Gross Investigation Bureau

Using advanced search tools and data, detectives can find people based on their first and last names. They also use public records and social media to gather information about the individual, including past criminal records. They can even collaborate with law enforcement agencies to uncover more information about the person. However, there are some privacy laws that limit the amount of information they can access.

Located in New York, Gross Investigation Bureau offers private investigator services to businesses and individuals. Their team of forensic examiners, engineers, and electronic technicians has one goal in mind: to deliver high-quality information research, collection, and analysis. Their services include surveillance, witness interviews, and forensics. They also specialize in missing person, relationship, background, and incident investigations.

The firm’s services are available nationwide and around the world, with offices in New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Their professionals are experienced in background investigations, domestic and international surveillance, eavesdropping protection, and insurance fraud investigations. They can also assist with civil and criminal cases, as well as provide litigation support.

Founded in 2013, Investigreat LLC is an investigative agency with an international presence and a proven track record of client satisfaction. They are a licensed and insured firm, offering services for business clients, attorneys, and individuals. Their services are comprehensive, and they can be contacted by phone or email. They also offer a free consultation for potential clients.

TIO Square Inc.

Unlike some other agencies, TIO Square offers real-time data directly from the Credit Bureau. This allows them to locate people faster and more accurately. They also offer public records search engines and skip tracing services. Their clients include law firms, insurance companies and private individuals.

TIO Square is a licensed private investigation agency in Queens. Their investigators are experienced in gathering investigative intelligence for businesses and private individuals. They are also experts in forensic evidence and fraud investigations. Their headquarters are located in MetroTech and are a short walk from the A, C, F, R, 2, and 3 subway lines.

Paramount Investigative

With an overwhelming number of private investigators near Los Angeles, choosing the right one for your case can be challenging. It is important to carefully evaluate an investigator’s experience, proficiency and reputation. Licensed investigators are required to adhere to strict confidentiality and professional standards. Moreover, they must be insured and bonded to protect clients.

Whether in the pursuit of an unfaithful spouse, uncovering trademark infringement or assisting with insurance fraud detection, Paramount Investigative Services offers top-quality service for their clientele. They employ highly trained personnel, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to ensure the success of their investigations. Their clients include attorneys, businesses and individuals. They provide expert services in a timely manner.

Another area of expertise for this private detective agency is locating missing persons. Their skilled team of professionals utilizes skip tracing experts, proprietary databases and extensive fieldwork to locate the individuals they are searching for. The firm has helped many clients find lost children, relatives and friends who were missing for up to fifty years.

Paramount Investigative Services has a strong track record in successfully identifying and pursuing insurance fraud, workers’ compensation claims and other complex matters. This team of professionals works closely with attorneys and is available to testify as a witness in court cases. Their impeccable location services and versatile techniques vastly outperform comparable Los Angeles private investigators.

Tristar Investigation

Located in Los Angeles, Tristar Investigation is a full-service private detective agency with a 28-year track record of delivering first-class investigative results. Its services include background investigations, missing persons, database record searches, and more. It also specializes in locating witnesses and facilitating child welfare investigations. Its team of investigators includes former military and law enforcement professionals.

The company is ranked number one in the world for its outstanding investigative skills and reputation. Its highly specialized and experienced personnel are adept at uncovering infidelity, tracing missing people, and investigating insurance fraud. They also offer legal representation and are well-versed in local, state, federal, and international laws.

Another top private detective firm is Investigreat LLC, which specializes in forensic accounting and e-commerce fraud. The company is also a leading provider of forensic services to businesses and government agencies, offering comprehensive financial investigative support to its clients. Whether you suspect your partner of cheating on you, or need to locate someone, they can help you find them quickly and discreetly.

The company has been in business for over 20 years and offers a wide range of investigative services, including domestic and criminal investigations, insurance fraud investigations, background checks, and attorney services. Its agents are well-versed in the law and are available to speak with you 24/7. They use the latest technology and surveillance devices to provide you with timely and accurate information.