Property Management

A full suite of management services to maximize the profitability of your asset.

Property Management

OnSite Realty offers third-party management services for select clients. Our clients boast attractive small-to-medium investment portfolios, in the beautiful Southern Arizona. Our experienced firm is small and powerful, providing a full suite of management services to maximize the profitability of your asset.

OnSite Realty’s Property Management Services include:

  • Property promotion through proven marketing techniques
  • Active communication and tours with prospective tenants
  • Maintain five star standards of furnishings, accessories and complete housewares
  • Quality Control Manager to insure the highest standards are maintained during property transitions
  • Streamlined, timely and accurate reporting for client’s accounting purposes
  • Collaboration with Homeowners Associations to protect client’s long-term interest

Why Choose OnSite Realty for your property manager? 3 Simple reasons…


Excellent client relationships and superior customer service is what keeps us in business. In such a dynamic real estate market, skillful property managers are needed, but nothing is more important than people. Our charming team was hand selected for their attentive nature, efficient responses, and experience in management.

Once our broker works with you to understand your objectives, expectations and goals are set in place for our entire management team. Our management team is certain to keep open communication and drive the right residents to your property. With such an important value placed on relationships, profit always increases.


Knowing the local market puts you in the best position to respond to opportunities. OnSite Realty has proven to be closely in tune with property trends throughout metropolitan areas in Arizona. OnSite Property Managers have a deep understanding for economic and political issues affecting local real estate markets.

OnSite Realty has over 20 years serving Southern Arizona.  Those years have not only bought us experience, but a great network to share with our clients. And because Arizona is where we’ve raised our children and built our reputation, a thriving community is very important to us.


From the moment that OnSite Realty takes on a new project, we use proven marketing techniques to attract immediate attention to your property. We run highly efficient property management operations and those quality processes make for clients to be put at ease…and our residents are happy to reap the benefits. We attract, perform, and retain for profitability.


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